Reading plus answer allows us to collect all the answers and the stories from the reading plus and then arrange them into a fairly organized system. What you need to do is to submit few of the answers to have access to all the other answers. We suggest you to choose our guide here.

Ranging by answers by levels:

The levels have been in range from A to M, and in total, there are of thirteen levels in a reading plus.  The ones which are in demand are mentioned below.

  • Level H
  • Level G
  • Level J
  • Level I
  • Level F
  • Level K
  • Level L
  • Level M

While sites do keep answers to level A through level E they are not as popular so we don’t see them updated quite as often as the main 8 levels.

Keep in mind Reading Plus sometimes changes the titles of its stories, so its important to let people know in the comments if you find a changed title.

  1. LEVEL H:

These stories are at a readability level:

  • Farming in Water
  • Chamber music
  • Torpedoed!


  1. LEVEL G:

This is for those who are at grade 7 when it comes to their reading levels. Total of 27 answer keys.

  • Perform Like a Pro
  • Finding my style
  • A child combats prejudice


  1. LEVEL J:

Level J are for the readers at a 10th grade level.  This is where the stories start to get longer,more complex, and more annoying.  So these answers can be really helpful.  Over 32 total, here are the most used stories:

  • The physics of sports
  • Living Thoreau-ly
  • Computers Under Attack


  1. LEVEL I:

This 9th grade level has the 5th most used answers on plus-answers. Only the answers are used and the rest of the lesson is skipped.  We have around twenty eight for this level and update Bi-Weekly.

  • The Slanderer
  • Understanding Human Signals
  • The Ransom of Captain Red Beard


  1. LEVEL F:

This is the level most of us start with when using Reading Plus Answer.  It’s a lot easier then level L or M, and also more boring.  A good chance to use some submitted answers to get on with your life.

  • Truth in Tasting
  • A Dogs Boundless Love
  • Beware the Cyclops!
  • Sunrise
  1. LEVEL K:

Heres a snippet of the total 28 quizzes we have for this 11th grade level:

  • Not Always Right
  • The Mysteries of Light
  • Computers Under Attack
  • A Tough Prisoner of War


  1. LEVEL L:
  • Windmills From Don Quixote
  • The Windmills of Don Quixote
  • Don Quixote

Level L is the last for k-12, made for 12th graders. 26 solutions are in this section so far, all of them coming from all topics.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles By Luke Cooper
  • A Sunken Steamer
  • Celestial mission


  1. LEVEL M:

Level M is the last level for this. This is the final stretch and has some LONG and TOUGH questions.  Right now there are 31 answer keys for this section.

  • From Human to Insect
  • Wretched Lives
  • Behind the Door
  • Child’s Play

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