Venus detective agency:fraud and cheat

The people of venus detective noida has cheated most of the people  who they trusted them and they bhad stole most of the money from their client. For instance if a person suspect any of the other person and contacts the venus detective agency for the help to conducts an investigation of the suspected person. At the beginning they provided a good services where any one can think about solving the problem, and they will convince the person in order making them to pay 50 percent of the amount. Later they said the work was already started for investigating and will provide the reports of the progress. Once these all were done, they have been asked to pay the balance amount and did the same too.

Once the full payment is done, with the proof, they will block the number of the client on their mobile,, neither they pick the call nor reply to the messages. They are best in tricking their own client, stole the money. These are happening due to the people who are trusting so much.

There are lots of such cases by the people who were cheated by them. These kind of detective agencies are just irresponsible, money minded. These kind of company doesn’t have any kind of feeling about the people who lost their money. Their main aim is to cheat the innocent people who trust them blindly. They are one of the biggest fraud that are existed.

Most of the complaint of the people are they just take the money from the people, and doesn’t work on it, in some case they tried to threaten the client with their reports and the other cases in case they ask the money back. Even some people thought of filing the complaint and taking them to the court too.

It’s a complete scam agency where many people fall on their trap and they even have a landline number the address that are fake. And they always give a false news or the information which shows that their services are very poor.  When any person tries to ask money they just threaten them with their cases or the reports. It’s not largest leading female private detective agency instead it is a largest leading female cheating private detective agency. The reviews which are posted in a positive manner are made by them using different portals. Beware of getting cheated from these fraudants.

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