Venus Detective Agency: Duping Thousands In The Name Of Deduction

The curse that accompanies the blessing of the Internet is how easy it has become to dupe people of their hard-earned money by luring them in for services and running away once they’ve gotten the money. In case you haven’t already been robbed of your money, you would be duped soon if you aren’t careful enough while choosing a detective agency for yourself.

Agencies like the Venus Detective Agency are going the extra mile to cheat people of their money by promising good services and talking about lofty ideas and deduction concepts.

Insensitive Towards Your Needs

No matter how bad a state you are in, whether it is the case of a missing family member or a friend, the agency does not care even a little about what you are going through and shamelessly carry out their nefarious designs. Their insensitivity towards your emotional condititon makes one wonder how terrible the world turns when it comes to money.

Initially, the officials in the agency would come off as immensely professional and would talk about lofty deduction tricks and customer service ideals. You’re likely to be convinced owing to the mastery they hold in masquerading as a service when they are actually a bunch of frauds feeding like vultures on their clients’ disparate needs.

At Venus Detective Agency, you’ll be first driven to satisfaction with their big talk and when it is time to provide the service, they simply give a blind eye to your needs once they’ve gotten their fees out of you.

Fake Reviews And Set Up Videos

The companies website uses marketing tricks like posting videos of their detectives on their website. In the video, you will find the detective come off as no lesser than Sherlock Holmes with their fancy tone in conversation and psychological jargons to impress the ones watching. Well, the curtain lifts once you’ve given the money and the jargons and the assuring tone turns into ignored calls and unseen messages.

These fraudsters make fake accounts and give themselves five-star reviews and are careful in not coming off as fake. The users who read these reviews find it hard to decipher whether they are by real clients or fake profiles made by the employees themselves.

When looking for a detective agency for whatever purpose you need help in, do remember to not choose fake services like the Venus Detective Agency to avoid paying thousands for nothing at all.



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